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2 April 2008

Pristina, Kosovo, 2 April 2008 - The Constitutional Commission adopts the final version of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo


The Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Kosovo yesterday adopted the final version of Draft Constitution with consensus.

With commitment and after a fruitful public debate the Constitutional Commission has gathered, analyzed and reviewed all comments, suggestions and proposals submitted by citizens, experts and professionals in many public meetings and roundtables with interest groups, that have been organized throughout Kosovo. The Constitutional Commission has also reviewed with special consideration all comments that have been submitted through its website, through mail to the Secretariat of the Constitutional Commission, and through media. The final version of the Draft Constitution reflects the comments and suggestions submitted by the citizens that were deemed by the Constitutional Commission to be in compliance with the Declaration of Independence and international obligations of Republic of Kosovo.

The Draft Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo is expected to soon be certified by the International Civilian Representative.

The final version of the Draft Constitution will be soon posted in the website of the Constitutional Commission before its adoption by the Assembly of Kosovo.

For additional information on the constitution, the constitution-drafting process and public events, please visit: 

www.kushtetutakosoves.info , www.ustavkosova.info , www.kosovoconstitution.info.

About the Constitutional Commission:

The Constitutional Commission of Kosovo was established by the President of Kosovo in accordance with the recommendations of UN Special Envoy Ahtisaari's Report on the Future Status of Kosovo submitted to the UN General Secretary. The Commission reflects the diversity of Kosovo and is responsible for drafting a Constitution that represents the best interests of all people of Kosovo.


The Secretariat of the Constitutional Commission

Government of Kosovo, New Building, 8th floor, Office No. 803

Skenderbeg Square

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Phone: +381 38 20014 208 


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