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2 April 2008

Draft Constitution of Republic of Kosovo is Certified

Prishtina, Kosovo, 2 April 2008

Draft Constitution of Republic of Kosovo was certified today by Mr. Pieter Feith, International Civilian Representative.

In a letter sent to Mr. Hajredin Kuci, Chairperson of Constitutional Commission of Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Pieter Fieth, the International Civilian Representative, notifies the Constitutional Commission that the Draft Constitution of Republic of Kosovo was reviewed and in accordance with his mandate defined by Article 10.4 of Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement, dated on 26 March 2007, he certified the Draft Constitution of Republic of Kosovo.

The Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Kosovo will organize a signing ceremony for the Draft Constitution on Monday, 7th April 2008.
Please, for more information regarding to the Constitution, it’s drafting process and public events refer to the link below:
www.kushtetutakosoves.info , www.ustavkosova.info , www.kosovoconstitution.info.

Constitutional Commission:

The Constitutional Commission of Kosovo is established by the President of Kosovo in compatibility with recommendations of the United Nations Special Envoy, Mr Ahtisaari, in the Report for the Future Status of Kosovo proceeded to the United Nations Secretary General. The Commission reflects the Kosovo’s diversity and is responsible of drafting the Constitution that represents the interests of all Kosovo’s citizens.   

Contact Information:
Secretariat of Constitutional Commission
Government of Kosovo, New Building, 8 Floor, Room No.803
Sheshi Skėnderbeu
10000 Prishtina, Kosova
Phone: +381 38 20014 208

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