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24 January 2008

Pristina, Kosovo, 24 January 2008 - Constitution Working Group Announces Launch of Public Information Process

The Constitutional Working Group of Kosovo is pleased to announce the launch of its public information process.

The Working Group’s Public Information Plan consists of two main phases. The first phase will begin on Monday, January 28, 2008. This phase will include roundtable discussions with citizens throughout Kosovo, and will focus on the importance of the constitution and the drafting process to date.

The first roundtable discussion will be held in Pristina on Monday, January 28, 2008 in the Pristina Municipal Building at 11:00. The calendar of official activities will be posted on the official website for the Kosovo Constitution, which will also be launched during this first phase.

Despite recently published unofficial versions, the official Draft Constitution has not been completed by the Working Group. Any draft of the Constitution that has been circulated is unofficial and incomplete. The Working Group recognizes the importance of involving the public in this process and is continuously working to finalize the Draft Constitution. As soon as it is completed and appropriate, the only official Draft Constitution will be published on the Constitution website and invite the input and comments of the public.

Following publication of the Draft Constitution, the second phase of the Commission’s Public Information Plan will begin. The second phase will center on discussions of the Draft Constitution with the citizens, professional groups and the media.  The goal of this phase is to fully involve the public and provide various mechanisms by which the public may participate in creating the Constitution of Kosovo.


About the Constitutional Working Group:

The working group charged with compiling the first draft of the Constitution of Kosovo was established by the President of Kosovo in accordance with the recommendations of UN Special Envoy Ahtisaari's Report on the Future Status of Kosovo submitted to the UN General Secretary.  The working group reflects the diversity of Kosovo and is responsible for drafting a Constitution that represents the best interests of all people of Kosovo.




The Secretariat of the Constitutional Working Group
Government of Kosovo, New Building, 8th floor, Office No. 803

Skenderbeg Square

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Phone: +381 38 20014 208 



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