Local Government and Territorial Organization

Article 123 [General Principles]

1. The right to local self-government is guaranteed and is regulated by law.

2. Local self-government is exercised by representative bodies elected through general, equal, free, direct, and secret ballot elections.

3. The activity of local self-government bodies is based on this Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Kosovo and respects the European Charter of Local Self-Government. The Republic of Kosovo shall observe and implement the European Charter on Local Self Government to the same extent as that required of a signatory state.

4. Local self-government is based upon the principles of good governance, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in providing public services having due regard for the specific needs and interests of the Communities not in the majority and their members.

Article 124 [Local Self-Government Organization and Operation]

1. The basic unit of local government in the Republic of Kosovo is the municipality. Municipalities enjoy a high degree of local self-governance and encourage and ensure the active participation of all citizens in the decision-making process of the municipal bodies.

2. Establishment of municipalities, municipal boundaries, competencies and method of organization and operation shall be regulated by law.

3. Municipalities have their own, extended and delegated competencies in accordance with the law. The state authority which delegates competencies shall cover the expenditures incurred for the exercise of delegation.

4. Municipalities have the right of inter-municipal cooperation and cross-border cooperation in accordance with the law.

5. Municipalities have the right to decide, collect and spend municipal revenues and receive appropriate funding from the central government in accordance with the law.

6. Municipalities are bound to respect the Constitution and laws and to apply court decisions.

7. The administrative review of acts of municipalities by the central authorities in the area of their own competencies shall be limited to ensuring compatibility with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the law.


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