Arsim Bajrami

Current Post:

  • Minister of Public Services
  • Member of Kosovo Assembly (2007)
  • Member of the Constitutional Commission of Kosovo 2007-2008

Political Affiliation: 

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

Previous Posts: 

  • Co-Chairman of the Group for Drafting of the Constitution of Kosovo in the Kosovo Negotiation Delegation (2005-2006)
  • Rector of Prishtina University (2004)
  • Member of Kosovo Assembly (2001)
  • Co-Chairman of the Group drafting Constitutional Framework (2001)
  • Deputy Minister of Justice in the Provisional Government of Kosovo (1999)
  • Legal expert in the Kosovo Delegation in Rambouillet, France (1998)
  • Lecturer for the subjects “Constitutional Right” and “Parliamentarian Theory and Practice”, “Kosovo Right in the Transition Period”, in the Law Faculty of Prishtina University.


  • Doctorate studies in the subject “Normative aspects of self-government in Kosova during the period 1945-1994”, completed on (1995)
  • In 1985 completed post graduate studies in the area of Constitutional Right
  • Specialized in USA, Great Britain, Italy and Germany


  • Albanian,
  • Serbian and
  • English

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