Mahir Yagcilar

Current Post:  

  • Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning
  • President of the KDTP
  • Member of Kosovo Assembly

Political Affiliation:  

Kosovo Turkish Democratic Party  (KDTP- Kosova Demokratik Türk Partisi)

Previous Posts:  

  • President of KDTP (since 2000)
  • Member in the first and second terms of the Kosovo Assembly, 2001-2007
  • Member of Kosovo Transitional Council, 2000-2001
  • Member of Constitutional Framework sub-committee on the Rights of Communities
  • Head of the Parliamentary Group
  • Member of the Kosovo Assembly Presidency, 2006
  • Member of Assembly Committee on Economy, Trade, Industry, Energy, Transport and Telecommunications
  • Member of Assembly Committee on the Rights and Interests of Communities and Returns, 
  • Member of the Committee on Rules of Procedure for the Assembly,


Graduated Traffic Engineer, University of Sarajevo


  • Turkish
  • Albanian
  • Serbian
  • Moderate English

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