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Constitution Draft

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the Draft Constitution on behalf of the Constitutional Commission of Kosovo.

This Draft Constitution of Kosovo reflects many months of hard work. The process included discussions among the members of the Commission, reflects consultations with many local experts and our international friends and also includes numerous ideas and suggestions offered by citizens. 

From the first moments that the drafting process began, our purpose was to prepare a foundation document that reflects the highest international standards, provides for the protection of rights of all citizens of Kosovo and sets forth a basis for a functioning democratic society based on rule of law.

The drafting of this Constitution has been closely aligned with the final status process for Kosovo. At this historic moment in history, the Constitutional Commission is also publishing the Draft Constitution – the foundation of our new independent county.

Although the unique circumstances of Kosovo’s status process necessitated the creation of an initial draft by the Constitutional Commission, we have always been and continue to recognize that this is not the Commission’s document.  A Constitution is a document for the citizens and a better way of life.  We understand and are committed to the need to involve the people of Kosovo in this process so that the Constitution of Kosovo is one in which all of our citizens take pride. Therefore, beginning today, every citizen, organization and group in Kosovo is invited to provide ideas, suggestions and comments on the Draft Constitution. The Commission’s Public Information Unit has worked for several months to prepare mechanisms and systems that will enable the Commission members to receive, review and consider every comment submitted by the people of Kosovo.

Now that the draft is public, the second phase of our public information campaign begins. The Commission members will visit municipalities and organize meetings with many professional groups throughout Kosovo. At these meetings you are invited to freely and openly discuss the Draft Constitution and its provisions with the Commission members and provide your thoughts and concerns. Additionally, the Commission will also receive comments submitted through its website and its mailing address.

This will be Constitution for all people and will serve as the foundation of our independent state. This is a great day for all of us. 

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Hajredin Kuci

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